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Since everyone has been asking about the Minecraft EULA "changes", and what will happen with the server, I thought it would be a good idea to make a new post about it so everyone will get to read it.

The EULA hasn't been changed for years and servers were never allowed to sell anything. Mojang just has never enforced it and has even encouraged servers (at Minecon 2013, not too long ago) to continue what they are doing. They even gave them their own panel to talk about how to run a server and monetize it. The reason their EULA has gotten so much attention recently is because one of Mojang's developers stated his opinion about servers

making money (which was negative). Everyone started to exaggerate and make up rumors. Notch tweeted multiple times that "nothing has changed since years." No one knows whether they will actually enforce it or not. They know the damage it would do to Minecraft and they also know that EULAs are extremely hard to enforce anywhere in the world. If they decide to enforce it by blacklisting servers (which is most than likely not the case), then servers will go cracked.

What happens if for any reason server owners do have to comply with the EULA changes? First of all, everything (by everything, I mean EVERYTHING) that you have purchased BEFORE August 1st will be permanent and will not be changed in any way. In fact, your account might even gain value because you will have things that others may not have a chance to get. Other than that, everything else will depend on how supportive people will still be with only being able to purchase cosmetic things. Servers (I'm speaking for all bigger servers) may have to downgrade their hardware resulting in less performance, possibly more downtime, and less slots. Production (plugins, servers, games, etc) will most likely decrease a lot. DDoS Protection may or may not be affordable anymore. Whether this will actually happen, no one knows. Will the server shut down? No. I just want to remind you what Notch has said multiple times: "nothing has changed."

EzraSpencer808 So... are we still able to purchase ranks?? and also, We get keep our ranks we already have and It wouldn't get deleted ...
SupermanNotch Notch could liee -_-
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muniz9 what happens if there are 2 people who have the same amount ov votes at the end of the month?
JoJoBeanie11 Yeah but what about those people who already have VIP or above? That means that the prize will be completely useless. I ...
muniz9 yay im top voter ...
Attention Classic Skyblock Players,

Since we are a growing server and are looking for some new staff members there are some open positions for Helper. We are only hiring 6 Helpers though so good luck! and remember the more detail in your application the more I like it!

Please use the Tab above in the top menu that says Apply for Helper to Apply.
BlakeArcher1234 what is coustem payment
BlakeArcher1234 and the owner of the servers a genius he is the best ill want him on Skype and be friends
BlakeArcher1234 and if i get as a helper then reply and ill give you stuff
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