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Server Reset

[Owner] Stormsx4 a posted 2 hours ago
Recently my old host (Intreppid) has had a problem where all the servers hosted with them are un-accessible. The files which contain the original world, ranks, balances, and other stuff are stored within the dedicated server and I am unable to retrieve them. Since the server was reset four days ago I believe the best option is to make the temp-server into the original server since the problem with Intreppid hasn't shown any sign of being fixed. The /kit reset will be buffed and additional items will be added to it. If you have purchased anything from the web store within the last 4 days the purchase will be implemented soon. I will be manually adding the commands so you will receive the command/rank when you log into the server. If you are still having problems connecting the the ip ( please be patient since it can take some time for the domain name to update. If you don't like waiting try restarting your router since it will help you connect to the server in a shorter amount of time. On the bright side, today is Easter and there will be an Easter kit which will be available to everyone.
pookapuff99 o STORMS i cant get on to get /kit easter It has been down for like 3 days ;-; ive been playing on element cuz its been do ...
stevensilvergood @ Classic Skybloc...
fuckity fuck fuck -.-
Dawg_Nukem So the server address should work eventually? Cause im on campus internet and cant really restart the router, just wonde ...


[Owner] Stormsx4 a posted 10 hours ago
There will be a temp-server which everyone will be able to join. Everything that you do on the temp-server will be replaced with the data from the original server once the original server gets back up. This server is only temporary and it will be replaced with the original server once the server's host (Intreppid) sorts out their problems. The temp-server is with another host so if you are unable to connect try restarting your router. The temp-server's ip address is
GamerGray will the progress of our islands be erased and will our ranks to also why can we not play its been 14 hours and why did ...
minecraftingitup So... any progress we make will be erased?
fatdonkeyz Why can't I join I did everything and I still can't join!

Connection Issue

[H-Dev] ZpixThaTurtle a
ZpixThaTurtle @ Classic Skyblock
posted 23 hours ago

So the same thing that happened yesterday happen again and we have contacted the host.

Aidan2bed Ugh dam im suposed to be building by now
Sentosa is the temp server up then ?
FuzzehDePenguin Its just to Let us have something to do in the mean time ...

Server is back up

[Owner] Stormsx4 a posted Fri at 17:57
The server booted into a PXE menu instead of going into the operating system. This issue has been fixed and everyone should now be able to join the server once again.
FoppishHat Yay!!! xD
FoppishHat So... approximate time until it's up?
[H-Dev] ZpixThaTurtle a
ZpixThaTurtle @ Classic Skyblock
Yeah, Sorry for the downtime, but sadly there's nothing we can do but wait..
Attention Classic Skyblock Players,

Since we are a growing server and are looking for some new staff members there are some open positions for Helper. We are only hiring 6 Helpers though so good luck! and remember the more detail in your application the more I like it!

Please use the Tab above in the top menu that says Apply for Helper to Apply.
pookapuff99 o ;-; I accidently deleted the server trying to Fix the no log in problem and now i cant get it back DX im so sad this is ...
puffygirl9 Hi, I don't know why but when i shear a sheep it doesn't give me wool, but it gives me dye, I would like to know why thi ...
MrJointMaker Hi guys, MrJointMaker here! I got a question, 3 days ago, i got banned, by accident, i was downloading some vid's from Y ...
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